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Is YOUR family ready to begin a whole new, exciting and heroic chapter in life?

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This is the flagship event of Heroic Families, which is designed to awaken and empower families to discover and pursue their heroic calling within their family and for the new evangelization.  The Heroic Families Leadership Event is a dynamic four-talk event that is designed to awaken, inspire, inform and coach parents and engaged couples to discover their family “why” and take the next right steps to live it with courage and passion and begin transforming the world. Peter and Chantal will “keep it real” drawing from their personal experience of the challenges of family life today. Our goal is to awaken parents to the foundational truth that God has a unique calling for your family, the grace to live it out full.  Discovering this and living this passionately is what makes families not only survive, but THRIVE!

Length of Event

The Leadership Event is a 2.5 hour long event, so that it has maximum flexibility to be offered any day of the week, normally in the evening. This event can also be offered in the format of a half-day, full-day retreat or multi-day retreat. The benefit of this alternative is having more time for exercises and couples interaction. Please contact us to discuss these options if you are interested.



Topics Covered
  • “Why Your Family Why Matters”
  • Healing Our Families – Overcoming the Obstacles to Becoming an Heroic Family
  • The Spiritual Pillars of the Heroic Family
  • Pursuing Your Why With Trust, Courage and Passion
Target Audience

The ideal audience are the parents of young families because most are still in that discernment stage figuring out what their marriages and families are about. However, because our message is about helping families discover their heroic purpose in life (their Catholic family “why”), ANYONE can benefit from this message. Grandparents can make it their mission to help their children and grandchildren discover this. Those who are retired can also find other ways to support this mission of Heroic Families through their personal and financial resources — because this is an enormous and critical mission! Even for those who are single, this message is for them because they are in the best position to contemplate these questions and discern God’s answers for them BEFORE they choose their spouse and enter into marriage and family life.


There are two cost options for this event:

  1. Ticketed events which minimize the cost for parishes and encourage greater commitment and participation from attendees.
  2. Stipend model that is scaled depending on the size of the event and number of hosts.

To more easily cover costs and maximize attendance, this event is best organized when 2-3 parishes come together and share the responsibilities with one serving as the primary host. This allows for greater attendance and more impact on the larger community of families.

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