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“Heroic Families: Holy . . . Healthy . . . Free

The Dawn of a New America


The effects of the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump and the 2017 historic 100th anniversary of the apparitions and messages of Fatima (1916 – 1917) undeniably point to the fact that America has reached a monumental decision point in its history upon which hinges its culture and ultimate destiny. What is clear is that to live and thrive in these uncertain times necessitates the rise of heroic families. But, what does that mean – “heroic families”? And what are concrete ways this can be lived in the world today?

In this special 75 minute event, Dr. Howard breaks down these critical questions by looking at the “complete package” needed for today’s “heroic” family. This package involves heroic families that are 1) “holy”, 2) “healthy” and 3) “free”. Dr. Howard will show how each of these relates to the other and how the greatest leaders and world-changers will be those who successfully integrate these in their mission — because let’s face the truth, these are the three areas against which families are under greatest attack today.

This talk is perfect for families and individuals who believe there must be a better way to live than the conveyor belt mentality the modern world — and, sadly, many well-intentioned Catholics — projects on their family’s philosophy of life. This talk is for those who want to discover God’s purpose for them and make a choice NOW to live it heroically. Why? Because the dawn of a new America is upon us and its future will be shaped by those who dare to dream, trust God and leap out in faith to do what the world says is impossible.


What It Takes to Make This Happen:

For this special event, Dr. Howard is not requiring a stipend for his speaking. He firmly believes in the critical importance of this message for families and wants it to be received by as many families as possible. At the same time, the mission of Heroic Families needs your generous support to better equip and expand its work.

Events are much more fruitful when hosts and participants “put their skin in the game.” For this purpose and to support the work of Heroic Families, Dr. Howard requires the following from the host:

1)  His travel and material expenses be covered (lodging and food) — coordinated by Heroic Families (taking into consideration the mutual needs of the host and Dr. Howard to keep costs minimal and schedule reasonable)


2) This event is intended for families and individuals seeking a vibrant and convicted transformation.  We ask that you promote this event as a life changing opportunity as we will invite those present to join us in our mission, support our efforts and choose in to a new model of evangelization formation.  We will sell our books, rosaries, CDs and invite families to discover our family healthcare initiatives, and recruit families to partake in our six week webinar series to train them in the practical skills that are necessary to be missionary families in their communities.


3) Serious commitment to advertising and extending personal invitations  to the eventThis free talk is intended for a larger audience (125 + people), not only among those of the host parish, but also among nearby parishes.


4) Agreement to support the work of Heroic Families by coordinating a free-will offering to be taken at the event.


*** If this talk would be part of a larger event where an exclusive free-will offering is not possible, then there would be a fixed cost of the event (i.e. stipend/honorarium) commensurate to the size of the event.

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The parish mission with Dr. Howard was very inspiring, plus gives one hope! May we be so bold to say, life changing!

Loretta A.

To say he is inspiring would not be even a light sketch. One on one, you can see the light in his eyes.

K. Matthews

If you love our Lady and believe her role is vital to defeating Satan, then this dynamic speaker is a must hear! Peter's powerful message and deep insights into the role of Our Lady made me more devoted to her than ever before.

Mary T.

Dr. Howard was very knowledgeable and his sense of humor made his presentations so fun and enjoyable.

Theresa B.

They are truly working to help evangelize families and bring husband and wife and their children closer to Jesus and to the Catholic Church . . . Their message is very powerful.

Daisy K.

I feel the retreat with Dr. Howard was a wonderful soul experience. I learned so many things about healing my family and cleansing my soul, which I was able to release a heavy cross I carried for many years.

Rachel R.

Hearing some of their struggles and challenges and how they have responded was helpful and encouraging. I especially appreciated the final talk on the Blessed Mother and how she appears in the places and to the peoples where God wants to extend his mercy.

Cindy S.

I appreciated Dr. Howard's down to earth teaching style and a little humor thrown in to keep it interesting. I admire Peter and Chantal's courage and honesty to bring about 'real change' in people's lives.

Jan V.

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