Our Missionary Journey

On January 15, 2016 Heroic Families launched its missionary tour across the United States!! As crazy as it sounds, we sold all most all of our belongings, loaded up the whole family (All 7 of us including our newest addition who was just 4 months old) in a rv and traveled throughout the country for 9 months, seeking out open doors to share our message of hope. This phase of travel resulted in extraordinary graces for our family, for those we visited with and for those who came to hear our presentations.

This is what we believe God called us to do!

More often than not, asking God to use you for something new to build up His Kingdom involves doing something many people will call crazy. Life is too short to live a “safe” life. No, we’re not talking about driving irresponsibly or taking stupid physical risks. We’re talking about setting out to live a life of “significance” and inspire others to seek the same.

Overcoming all the necessary material and financial hurdles to make this possible has been exciting, but daunting. The hardest part is realizing how much is in our control and how much isn’t. Even when simplifying, we quickly realized how launching a ministry — especially on the road — is a challenging and expensive endeavor. . :)

Highlights of Missionary Tour:

Multiple Retreats in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio

Family-to-Family encounters in 14 States

Over 20+ interviews of family testamonies 

The Publication of the Ascend Guide – for family enrichment and deeper reflection

 Radio, TV and Blog presence expanded

Countless Rosaries

Incredible non-stop adversities offered up for YOU


We have currently parked our wheels for the school year, offering the kids some stable opportunities for learning and relationships.  Peter and I continue to travel where ever the Lord asks us (Especially Peter with the Message of Family Consecration in light of the centenial of Fatima). Heroic Families is gaining momentum – which means more families are being inspired to consecrate themselves to Mary, step out in ministry, fortify their families through daily acts of heroic virture.  They are find the courage to be leaders in the New Evangelization. They are being equiped for the coming trials that loom in the distance, with confidence in God’s mercy. They are bing offered practical day to day insights as to how to build a culture of mercy in their homes.  They are being challenged to live rule of life for greater fidelity. They are being nutured to discover pathways to greater health, happiness and hope through Chantal’s essential oil work – in a truly Catholic way.

As we work hard every day continuing to plum the depths of our family call our needs continue to grow.  

We need your support! 

Heroic Families works extremely hard to reach as many families as possible with its critical message of hope. But we certainly need the help of others to fine tune our infrastructure and online platform for major formation and community building interfaces that will provide families just what they need to thrive in the midst of this collapsing world. Never has there been a more important time to give families a powerful message of hope that has a concrete blueprint for them to follow. YOU can play a major role in helping us do this in three ways:

A monthly contribution

Helping us book events

at your parish

A large one time contribution that will go directly toward continued start up and media development costs (can be made online with button or via check)

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