“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand fast therefore,

and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”

~ Galatians 5:1 ~


The Purpose of Heroic Families is to Set Families FREE

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||The parish mission with Dr. Howard was very inspiring, plus gives one hope! May we be so bold to say, life changing!||

Loretta A.

“To say he is inspiring would not be even a light sketch. One on one, you can see the light in his eyes.||

K. Matthews

If you love our Lady and believe her role is vital to defeating Satan, then this dynamic speaker is a must hear! Peter's powerful message and deep insights into the role of Our Lady made me more devoted to her than ever before.

Mary T.

Dr. Howard was very knowledgeable and his sense of humor made his presentations so fun and enjoyable.

Theresa B.

They are truly working to help evangelize families and bring husband and wife and their children closer to Jesus and to the Catholic Church . . . Their message is very powerful.

Daisy K.

I feel the retreat with Dr. Howard was a wonderful soul experience. I learned so many things about healing my family and cleansing my soul, which I was able to release a heavy cross I carried for many years.

Rachel R.

Hearing some of their struggles and challenges and how they have responded was helpful and encouraging. I especially appreciated the final talk on the Blessed Mother and how she appears in the places and to the peoples where God wants to extend his mercy.

Cindy S.

I appreciated Dr. Howard's down to earth teaching style and a little humor thrown in to keep it interesting. I admire Peter and Chantal's courage and honesty to bring about 'real change' in people's lives.

Jan V.

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+ Archbishop Samuel Aquila

“I . . . offer my support of Heroic Families, an apostolate that has recently been established in the Archdiocese of Denver by Dr. Peter Howard and his wife Mrs. Chantal Howard. . . . Heroic Families primarily extends its ministry through its Ascend retreats, which I invite you to consider for your diocese or parish.” Click here for +Archbishop Aquila’s full letter.


Most Rev. Samuel Aquila, Archdiocese of Denver


Chris Stefanick

  “So many attempts at ministry talk over people’s heads and fail to speak into their lives. It’s so easy to become a Church of theoreticians. What the devil  really fears is people actually becoming holy, and putting their faith into action in the simple ways amidst the daily grind of life. But who’s telling them how? Where is the St. Francis De Sales of our day offering practical, down to earth roadmaps for families struggling to be happy, peaceful, successful…whole? Look no further. . . . Heroic Families.” 



Dan Burke

  “If you’re a member of a family and you care about the direction of your children and whether or not they stay in the faith or whether or not you grow together in the family instead of subjecting yourself to the dis-integration and the forces of society that are fighting against you,  I think you should get involved with Heroic Families that Peter and Chantal Howard are doing.” Dan Burke is the Executive Director for the National Catholic Register. He is also Founder and President of the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation and SpiritualDirection.com. Dan is the author of the best selling book Navigating the Interior Life.




Seth DeMoor

  “We need to be heroic with our lives, heroic with our relationship with our God . . . more sacrifice and more time committed to Christ before the Blessed Sacrament. To  build heroic families, it really requires an act of the will — a choice — but it all comes from that relationship with God above first. Heroic Families is one resource where you can learn about how to become a heroic family because we all want to be saints.” Seth DeMoor is Founder and videographer for One Billion Stories.



What is Your Family "Why"?

It all starts with answering the question “Why?”. What drives your family and for what purpose? When we seek and find the answer in God, we are ready to begin leading our families’ ascent to the heights! If you are longing to begin this ascent and discover your family “Why”, click here!

Family Healing

We can’t lead the ascent of our families wounded and weak.  So, the first place we lead our families is where we can receive the necessary healing that holds us back from great spiritual growth and accomplishing God’s heroic call for our families. If you are longing to begin the healing of your family, click here!

Spiritual Pillars of Today's Heroic Families

Upon what spiritual pillars do we build our house? Learn what will transform your family’s spiritual life and equip you to become the the heroic family needed for the new evangelization.  If you are longing to root your family in the spiritual pillars of today’s heroic families, click here!

Personal Development

Just how do we put our “Why?” into action? Learning those personal development skills that will help you accomplish this is critical so that we are always moving our families forward to accomplish their material, intellectual, spiritual and evangelizing goals. If you are eager to know how to take the next right steps that will launch your ascent, click here!

Love, Learning, Life

Join in our conversation on those issues that matter most . . . and sometimes which matter little! Let us strive together to learn and embrace those gifts and truths of God which will help us become the heroic families God has called us to be!

ASCEND Leadership Event

Host an Heroic Families ASCEND! Leadership Retreat at Your Parish, Conference or Event! Be a leader by helping families discover their heroic calling and live it with courage, passion and purpose! Click on image to book your retreat today!

Rediscovering the Mystery of Mary (Softcover Book and eBook)

At the heart of forming heroic families is Mary, whose “yes” to God brought about the beginning of the Holy Family. How well do you know her and why is her role so central in building up heroic families?  Click here to begin learning more!

The School of the Family (Book)

The family is the foundation of the civilization of love. It is the front line in the renaissance of character formation. Click here to begin leading your family on a new road map that will guide your family to fulfill its true, heroic vocation!