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If you love our Lady and believe her role is vital to defeating Satan, then this dynamic speaker is a must hear! Peter's powerful message and deep insights into the role of Our Lady made me more devoted to her than ever before.

Mary T.

Dr. Howard was very knowledgeable and his sense of humor made his presentations so fun and enjoyable.

Theresa B.

They are truly working to help evangelize families and bring husband and wife and their children closer to Jesus and to the Catholic Church . . . Their message is very powerful.

Daisy K.

I feel the retreat with Dr. Howard was a wonderful soul experience. I learned so many things about healing my family and cleansing my soul, which I was able to release a heavy cross I carried for many years.

Rachel R.

Hearing some of their struggles and challenges and how they have responded was helpful and encouraging. I especially appreciated the final talk on the Blessed Mother and how she appears in the places and to the peoples where God wants to extend his mercy.

Cindy S.

I appreciated Dr. Howard's down to earth teaching style and a little humor thrown in to keep it interesting. I admire Peter and Chantal's courage and honesty to bring about 'real change' in people's lives.

Jan V.

Dr. Peter Howard

Dr. Peter Howard

Founder, Heroic Families

Peter Howard: Who is this guy?

My Family and My Faith

My greatest joy on this side of eternity is my family. I am blessed with my beautiful wife, Chantal, and our five children. Throughout most of my life, I have had a passion for my Catholic faith, which shapes every aspect of my being. That passion has led to taking a number of “adventures” to discern God’s “Why” for my life. From pilgrimages to Italy and Portugal during my youth to my undergraduate studies at Franciscan University of Steubenville and Gaming, Austria, my parents sacrificed much to strengthen my faith and discover God’s purpose for my life. My life is not my own.

Education, Life's Adventures and My Experiences

Following my years at Franciscan University, I set off to Rome to study at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (more commonly called The Angelicum).My experiences in Rome probably had the greatest impact on my adult life as it was a commitment for which I took full responsibility — financially and in everything else. My path of serving the mission of the Church in an explicit way was being concretely formed.,That path eventually took me back and forth from Denver, Colorado, and Rome over the next three years. During that time I met my wife, made long road trips (and flights across the Atlantic) to visit her as often as I could. We were married in 2002 and after a short time in Rome together, we returned to Colorado where I was blessed to work as the Executive Assistant and theologian to Bishop Michael Sheridan in Colorado Springs. I greatly enjoyed my work there.

After a couple of years working in Colorado Springs and living in the mountains nearby, God put it on my heart to finish my formal theological studies and pursue my doctorate in theology in Rome. I had two passions that were able to converge in my thesis: a great love for Our Blessed Mother and Venerable Fulton J. Sheen (who has had perhaps the greatest impact on my intellectual and spiritual formation). That experience was life changing for me as I was challenged in ways I never thought I would be — and they all made me a better theologian and a better person. Since I was able to write my doctorate from the United States, I was blessed to have a position offered to me in Aspen, Colorado, which focused my attention first to adult faith formation and then to family formation. I never thought I would be there for nine years, but God used those years to mold my marriage, my family and my self in profound ways. During those nine years, I was also blessed to begin speaking at conferences, universities, religious communities and, one of my favorite audiences, the United States Air Force Academy. I have a great love and respect for those who seek a life of highest character, leadership, duty and honor — when these are all ultimately at the service of God.

Another great love of mine is teaching the Catholic faith. It ties in with speaking as I like to teach in less formal environments — because our faith is a way of life, not merely an object of study. In 2013, God opened the door for me to serve as professor of spiritual theology for the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation Graduate Program and School of Spiritual Formation (avila-institute.com).

In addition to founding the Fulton Sheen Society and The Catholic Hour grassroots movement, which led to a couple of years of hosting a Catholic television program “The Catholic Hour” in Aspen, Colorado I also serve on the advisory board of the new St. John Institute.

All Roads Lead to the Family -- the 'Heroic' Family

God’s thread of Divine Providence eventually revealed the mission to which everything is being directed. All of life’s experiences and years of prayerful discernment led me to discover the greatest mission we can be committed to today — fighting for the soul of the Christian family. If we lose the family, we lose everything. So, in response to this need came Heroic Families because mediocrity is not an option. We need leaders and families of strong character and discipline, not just in theory, but in the way we actually live.

Invite Peter to speak at your conference or parish event on one (or more) of the following topics:

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What Now America? A Blueprint to Make America Great, Holy . . . FREE! (3-Part Series)

There is no question that America — and the world — is in the midst of a great revolution. In fact, the eyes of the world are on America to see what side of the revolution we will choose. How do we understand the roots of this revolution and where is it going? America has arrived at its greatest decision point in its history. It’s very future rests on what path it chooses in the months ahead. What are America’s options? What does the Church have to offer to guide her? What prophetic wisdom does Venerable Fulton Sheen offer America to get it back on the right track? What role does the great Fatima event and message of 1917 have to do with America’s future? What path will make America’s Christian families thrive and make America great, holy and free?

It is a path of rediscovery and renaissance that is right before us . . . and this renaissance is closer than it has ever been.

In this 2.5 hour event, Dr. Howard will help Catholic families in America begin to engage in the most critical conversations that will set them on the strongest path to spiritual and economic freedom:

  1. Rediscovering America’s Catholic Historical and Spiritual Roots
  2. Examining the Need for A Declaration of Dependence on God and the best way to bring that about
  3. Rediscover the social and economic principles that will serve as the foundation for Free and prosperous families, empowering them to be inspiring leaders and innovators for the new evangelization.
How the Triumph Over Our Modern Crisis Will Come Through Mary!

(Two-Part Series — Two 50 minute talks + Q&A) 

We are living in the most extraordinary age of Mary the world has ever known. Why? What is the significance of her visitations to the Church and the world since 1830?  How are these connected to Mary’s visitation and message at Mexico City in 1531 as Our Lady of Guadalupe? What hope do they bring a world spiraling into its darkest period in history? How does Mary’s activity in the modern world announce a new era of the Holy Spirit? What role does Mary play in the new evangelization and what should YOU do about all of this? In this talk, we will tackle these questions and reflect on the biblical blueprint that unveils how Mary will lead the Church in its triumph over the great evil of our times and into the promised era of peace.

*** This can be a single or two-part series that will change the way you look at the real dynamics behind our historic times.

Why Total Consecration to Mary is Necessary for Today's Heroic Family

The resounding message from saints, the Church and Our Blessed Mother herself points to the critical importance of families consecrating themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Why? What are the biblical and theological foundations for this? How do we actually live this out in our families? How will this really change the world faster than anything else?  Peter will unpack these questions in a special 2.5 hour event that will inspire you to consecrate your family to Mary or look at your family consecration to Mary in a new and reinvigorating light.

* The Prophetic Wisdom & Spiritual Legacy of Fulton J Sheen (Evening Event, Half-Day Immersion or Multi-Day Retreat)

Among the greatest figures of the 20th century is undoubtedly Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. His intellectual genius, his ability to communicate the truths of life and of the Catholic Faith, and the number of souls he brought to Christ and His Church rank him among the greatest evangelizers of the modern age. What was the secret of his success and why are his teachings and witness more relevant now then when he lived? I deeply love this great man and I will enjoy unpacking these questions with you laying out Sheen’s keys to become the saints and evangelizers we have been called to be in the new evangelization.

7 Secrets for Families to Find the Way to Happiness


Is your family happy? Is your marriage happy? Did your marriage and family life lose its happiness somewhere along the way and you have no idea where to start to rediscover it? If the way to happiness was so easy to answer and so easy to live, why are most marriages and families in utter misery? How often do we cry out to God, “What is the way to happiness for me and my family!?!” In this special 2.5 hour evening event, Dr. Howard walks alongside you and shares some of the key secrets that make all the difference in living a happy life no matter what comes our way. And by our living witness of a happy life, we will inspire others to have the courage to discover (or rediscover) that same path to happiness for which every heart longs! Contact us today to book this event at your parish, conference or event!

Heroic Families Leadership Event - ASCEND (Evening Version)

Please click here to learn about this 2.5 hour, content packed and family-transforming leadership event for parents!

Heroic Families Leadership Event (Day or Multi-Day RETREAT)

Please click here to learn about this family-transforming half-day leadership retreat for parents (also offered as a 2.5 hour evening event). Offering ASCEND in a retreat format allows spouses to take in each of the talks, bring their stimulating content before the Lord in adoration, open up dialogue between spouses,  take advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation offered and begin immediately the exercises that are at the heart of event.

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