AromaRosary – Endurance


The AromaRosary Endurance – Bring this beautiful handmade rosary into your home and help enhance your prayers by adding a unique aromatic experience.The Endurance rosary is a corded rosary made with gunmetal beads and lava rock accent beads for the Our Father to hold aroma oils. The rosary is adorned with a simple crucifix and center made of quality metal.

This rosary comes with four sample size doTERRA essential oils — one blend for each of the mysteries.



“St Paul calls us to be the aroma of Christ (2 Cor 2:15). In praying the rosary Our Blessed Mother invites us into the mysteries of her Son and from the school of Mary we learn fraternal charity and the art of prayer. The AromaRosary is one more beautiful tool that can help us enter more deeply in the powerful prayer of the rosary. What a great gift to families who are always looking for creative ways to make the rosary easier to pray and more peaceful.  Besides, what a unique way to incorporate the great spiritual heritage of the Eastern Church which is rich in its tradition of incarnational means to lift us heavenward.”

~ Fr. Nathan Cromley, CSJ


Jesus to St. Mechtilde of Helfta (from the account of St. Gertrude):

Seek me through your five senses, just as a host awaiting the arrival of a very dear friend looks for the doors and windows to see if the expected guest is coming. The faithful soul ought to watch for me unceasingly through the senses that are the windows of the Spirit. If he sees beautiful or lovable things, let him think how beautiful, lovable, and good is the One who made them. When he hears an enchanting melody or an excellent discourse, let him say to himself: “O how sweet will be the voice that will one day call me!” And when he hears conversation or something read aloud, let him seek his beloved in it.

~St. Mechtilde of Helfta