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The most meaningful revolution is the one YOU are a part of . . . so, now is your opportunity.

Would you like to earn $100, $250 or even $500 just for being the instrument that brings a critical message for Catholic families in America to your community? Heroic Families wants to support your mission by giving back to those who support ours!

Every personal referral of “What Now America?” to a parish, which leads to an event booking of this series, will be gifted back accordingly:


1 booking: $100

2 bookings: $250 (total, not per booking)

3 bookings $500 (total, not per booking)

Each additional booking after 3 earns an additional $250 per booking!


This is a great way to support the mission of Heroic Families and receive support from us for YOUR mission! Imagine the impact your effort can bring just by being an ambassador of this important message to your community!


*** IMPORTANT: To ensure proper recognition and gifting are made, be sure that the host fills out the “referred by” section of the form with the appropriate contact information, so that we can verify the referral at the time the event is officially booked.

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“What Now America?

A Blueprint to Make America Great, Holy . . . Free

There is no question that America — and the world — is in the midst of a great revolution. In fact, the eyes of the world are on America to see what side of the revolution we will choose. How do we understand the roots of this revolution and where is it going? America has arrived at its greatest decision point in its history. It’s very future rests on what path it chooses in the months ahead. What are America’s options? What does the Church have to offer to guide her? What prophetic wisdom does Venerable Fulton Sheen offer America to get it back on the right track? What role does the great Fatima event and message of 1917 have to do with America’s future? What path will make America’s Christian families thrive and make America great, holy and free?

It is a path of rediscovery and renaissance that is right before us . . . and this renaissance is closer than it has ever been.

In this 2.5 hour event, Dr. Howard will help Catholic families in America begin to engage in the most critical conversations that will set them on the strongest path to spiritual and economic freedom:

  1. Rediscovering America’s Catholic Historical and Spiritual Roots
  2. Examining the Need for A Declaration of Dependence on God and the best way to bring that about
  3. Rediscover the building blocks that will serve as the foundation for Free and prosperous families, empowering them to be inspiring leaders and innovators for the new evangelization.


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